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Why Utah?

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"Utah leads Forbes’ ranking of the Best States for Business for the second straight year and fifth time since 2010 (Virginia ranked No. 1 in 2013). The Beehive State benefits from light regulation and energy costs that are 23% below the national average. Employment has expanded 2.2% annually the past five years, the third best rate in the country". . . Continue reading the Forbes article
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". . .the Wasatch Front, like Silicon Valley, is densely populated and connected by a freeway and a mass-transit system. And, especially since the mid-aughts, venture capitalists have invested surprising amounts in Utah companies; in the first half of last year, the state was the sixth most popular destination for venture-capital funding." . . .Continue reading the New Yorker article

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Utah is famous for being a friendly and safe place to live and raise a family. The culture in Utah is very healthy and active too. If you are new to Utah, we will make you feel right at home! Utah is the best place for International students, because we are very accepting and a large number of our residents speak multiple languages. We are confident that you can enjoy a fun, peaceful and relaxing life in Utah. 

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People in Utah love how affordable it is compared to other places in the USA. The average cost of rent for a college student in Utah is around $300 a month! 
Also, with free public transportation in Logan, UT, you can get around town, without spending money! Since we are only a few hours away from big cities by flight, you can take advantage of the low cost of living in Utah and easily travel to cities, like Los Angeles or Seattle.