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Why USU? 

Utah State University (USU) is a great value for students looking to do undergraduate research and gain hands-on experience in Aerospace, Aviation, Business, Engineering, Agriculture, and more. USU puts students first by offering award-winning professors, nationally ranked programs, an active student life, and exciting outdoor adventures. We promise to give you a safe and challenging environment where you have countless opportunities to learn, explore, and become the person you have always wanted to be. 


Creators of the Famous Synthetic Spider Silk Technology

Spider Silk

Live View of Campus


 Student Life

student life

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16 NCAA Sports


All of USU's NCAA teams are sponsored by Nike and students get tickets to every athletic event.

-Basketball (M&W)
-Football (M)
-Gymnastics (W)
-Volleyball (W)
-Tennis (M&W)
-Cross Country (M&W)
-Track & Field (M&W)
-Soccer (W)
-Softball (W)
-Golf (M)

We are also proud to have one of the loudest student sections in the nation.

Outdoor Programs (OP)


Take a trip with OP for an adventure and to discover the regional environment:

-Powder Mountain Ski Days
-Moab Climbing & Hiking
-Cataract Canyon Rafting
-Labyrinth Canyon Canoeing
-Lake Powell Kayaking