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Indian Students Love USU!
I love USU

Gunbharpur Gill

City: Moga
Major: Ecology

Why I Love USU: I love USU, because everybody is nice.

Why I Chose USU: Because the research project of my Ph.D. advisor at Utah State was overlapping with the research I did in my Master's program.

My Plans After I Graduate: Get a job.

Sree Vidya Susarla

City: Hyderabad
Major: Computer Science

Why I Love USU: I love USU, because I like its heritage, value and it is beautiful. Some of the buildings were built in the 1800's! I also love the cafeteria.

Why I Chose USU: USU provides intensive research oppurtunities in the area of my interest, which are databases.It also has outstanding faculty, advanced academic curriculum and world class research groups. I believe that it's the best environment for me to acheive my goals while gaining experience and exposure to a diverse student body and faculty.

My Plans After I Graduate: I would like to work for JP Morgan Chase & Co. as I have 1 year of experience already.

Benny Varghese


City: Kakinada
Major: Electrical Engineering

Why I Love USU: I love the scenery so far!

Why I Chose USU: Excellent UPEL lab and responsive faculty. 

My Plans After I Graduate: Pursue a career in Academia.

Bhargava Kolanupaka

City: Hyderabad
Major: Electrical Engineering

Why I Love USU: The campus beauty.

Why I Chose USU: Because of three reasons:
1) it's one of the best schools in the U.S.
2) Excellent research opportunities in ECE department
3) I love Utah and it's weather and mountains.

My Plans After I Graduate: Maybe I will work for 2-3 years to gain experience. 


Saranya Nakka

City: Visakhapatnam
Major: Master's in MIS

Why I Love USU: Utah State University has an amazing campus.

Why I Chose USU: Since it is one of the best universities in USA. Its a public university with a great reputation. The feedback given by students studying at USU has a great impact. The standard of the education and the professors is up to the mark. The students graduating from the university are having a number of opportunities in their hands. Campus is beautiful and fully equipped. Logan is serene and safe. The cost of living is low. Hence these were the factors that led me choose Utah State University.

My Plans After I Graduate: To land a good job in my path that I have chosen.

Nitin Bansal

City: Morena
Major: MIS

Why I Love USU: The faculty is very talented and the students are quite interactive.

Why I Chose USU: Due to course curriculum of USU.

My Plans After I Graduate: To be a part of MNC.

Sonali Kashid

City: Pune, Maharashtra
Major: Master's in MIS

Why I Love USU: I like the campus and I love the city!

Why I Chose USU: It's one of a very best universities in the US. Many of my friends have studied from this university and they recommended it highly. 

My Plans After I Graduate: Doing a job in US for 2 years and get some good experience in the field I am in and then head back to my home country.

Bhagyashree Mandora

City: Nasik
Major: Master's in Computer Science

Why I Love USU: I love the student activities here!

Why I Chose USU: Utah State University offers a great program in Computer Science at a reasonable tuition. The university appreciates diversity and Logan is a beautiful place to live in. A lot of student activities are encouraged and the campus is never dull. There are quite a few opportunities for jobs on-campus and the online application process is quite streamlined. Overall, it's a wonderful experience studying here.

My Plans After I Graduate: I would like to take advantage of the OPT and gain some experience in the industry here.

Karun Joseph

City: Cochin
Major: Civil Engineering

Why I Love USU: I don't know yet exactly, everyone is really nice. 

Why I Chose USU: I had a funded PhD.

My Plans After I Graduate: Preferably find an industry job. 

Anindya Ray

City: Kolkata
Major: Electrical Engineering

Why I Love USU: I love the environment. 

Why I Chose USU: I was interested in carrying out research at UPEL with Dr. Regan Zane.

My Plans After I Graduate: To move into the field of academics as a faculty.

Tarak Saha

City: Kolkata
Major: Electrical Engineering

Why I Love USU: I love the campus.

Why I Chose USU: I chose USU, because it is located in Logan, the professors, lab facilities, and low cost of living.

My Plans After I Graduate: I haven't decided yet.

Avik Mukherjee

City: Kolkata
Major: Climate Science

Why I Love USU: Location and campus.

Why I Chose USU: I chose to study at USU, because of its renowned faculty and excellent location.

My Plans After I Graduate: I haven't decided yet.


Asmita Pal

City: Kolkata
Major: Computer Engineering

Why I Love USU: Till now, the interactions with people from all over the world, like a global picnic, is actually amazing.

Why I Chose USU: Utah State University has one of the most beautiful campuses and is very student friendly. As an international student, I felt that I could choose USU, because of the research facilities in the Bridge Lab. And the fact that it matched with my area of interest. Also, the all-around facilities available for any student to develop other facets attracted me to this college.

My Plans After I Graduate: I wish to pursue a job in Research and Development.

Sanju Raghuwanshi

City: Vidisha
Major: MIS

Why I Love USU: Weather, people, infrastructure, and faculties.

Why I Chose USU: It offered me the exact course which I need,and I also love the weather here.

My Plans After I Graduate: To get the best paying job.


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