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Mark Van Der Zalm

Mark graduated from Utah State in Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning. He chose Utah State because it is located in the Intermountain West. He was attracted to LAEP because of its reputation and environmental focus.

His favorite memories are the events on the quad, LAEP spirit week, late nights at the design studio and the White Owl on Tuesday nights.

Mark now owns his own business, of 25 employees, that provides landscape architecture, civil engineering, urban forestry services and consulting. He is married with 3 children.

Naho Garvin

Naho graduated from USU in Engineering. She chose Utah State because of the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City in 2002.

Aggie basketball games, fireworks on the Fourth of July and Aggie ice cream are her favorite memories of Utah State. Rock climbing, hiking, and fishing in Logan Canyon is what Naho misses most about Utah.

She is currently working as a Project Engineer in Salt Lake City. She is married to a Cache Valley native.

Somchai Loeyvanicharoen

Somchai studied and graduated in Computer Science. Utah State University was a suggestion to Somchai her senior year because there was a program that fit her. She also chose USU because it is a nice place for studying.

Somchai spent most of the time in the Computer Science department and with friends, which are her favorite memories.

She is now an IT consultant and a System Integrator.


Lee Foote

Utah State offered Lee a funded GRA in Wetland Ecology in the Great Salt Lake marshes.

Lee's favorite memory from USU is meeting his wife, Dr. Naomi Krogman, while she was doing her MSc in Sociology. He misses snowy mornings on Old Main, the sunset on the Wellsville mountains and raspberry milkshakes from Bear Lake.

He and his wife are both professors at the University of Alberta. Lee in Ecology and Naomi in Environmental Sociology. They have two daughters, Lee plays in a bluegrass band and they have both enjoyed successful careers. Lee is also the Director of a 250 acre Botanic Garden.

Paul Retika

Paul chose Utah State to gain experience in Hydraulic Engineering and to study in the US. He graduated in Civil Engineering. 

His favorite memories from USU are the good people, snow and his University studies.

Paul now has a Consulting Engineering office that has 250 employees. He has 4 children who are also studying at USU. Paul visits the US every year.

Alban Maluda

Alban graduated in Plant Science (Ornamental Horticulture) after an alumni recommended USU to him.

He enjoyed the Winter in Logan and misses the scenery of Cache Valley

Currently, Alban is an agriculture officer with the Department of Agriculture, Sabah.


Chia Ying Ma

Chia Ying graduated from Utah State University with a Master's Degree in Accounting after deciding USU had a good, studious atmosphere.

He enjoyed the helpful faculty. It was a calm and passionate environment. He is now a professor himself.

Kan Okabe

The Intensive English Language Institute was the first reason Kan chose USU. He wasn't sure what to study but USU has many options. He graduated in Aviation-Professional Pilot, with a minor in Business.

Kan's favorite memories from Utah State are friends and good times.

He is now a flight instructor at USU and got married last February.

Xi Zhang

Xi came to Utah State to study Statistics after becoming interested in the research topics of Professor Kokoszka who turned out to be Xi's PhD advisor, receiving a tuition waiver and being offered a teaching assistant job in the math department.

One of Xi's favorite memories from USU is being able to work as Executive V.P. for International Student Council. They worked to build a harmonized international environment and to share different cultures.

After graduating, Xi worked for PNC, Pittsburgh for three years. She has since moved back to China and became a partner at a start up company to help Chinese financial companies build big data platforms and achieve performance growth.

Widchaporn Taipjutorus

Widchaporn graduated from USU in Business Information Systems and Education. She chose USU because her husband was a PhD student here.

Aggie ice cream was her favorite while at Utah State and she misses a white Christmas at Temple Square.

Widchaporn is now a lecturer working at Rajamangala University of Technology in Bangkok.

Dr. Anna Victoria Wong

Dr. Wong attended USU through an online program. She needed to top up on her Bachelor's Degree in Communication Disorders for a Master's program.

She enjoyed how flexible the program was for working professionals and its accessibility for international students. The degree program gave many real-life videos showing patient issues and interactions.

After graduation, Dr. Wong went on to get her PhD in Speech-Language Pathology. She is now the Executive Director of Chinese Family Services of Ontario.

Mei-hsiu Chien

Mei-hsiu chose to attend USU to be close to family. She graduated in BISE.

Her favorite memories of Utah State are the professors, campus, Aggie ice cream, and Bear Lake.

She is currently working at Academia Sinica, Taiwan.



James Beaton

James graduated from USU with a PhD in Soil Science, with minors in Chemistry & Geology, after several of his colleagues who were alumni spoke highly of the university.

James has had many accomplishments in his career. He administered 150 research projects through Agronomic missions in Brazil, China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, etc. He was co-author of the 4th to 8th editions of the widely used university textbook Soil Fertility and Fertilizers. James also published 250 research papers, was awarded as Honorary Professor at the Chinese Academy of Ag Sciences and received 2 Agronomic Service Awards, along with many other successes.

Currently, James is retired and it has probably been 60 years since he was last in Utah, but some of his favorite memories of USU is the scenery emerging into Cache Valley, associating with fellow PhD students in Soil Science and the mentorship of H.B. Peterson.

Yanmei Wang

Yanmei graduated from USU with a degree in Finance. Yanmei chose USU because she was in a program held by BIT & USU. After 2 years in Beijing, she came to Utah to try a different life.

Yanmei's favorite memories of USU are the Market Place and Aggie ice cream. She misses the coffee in the library, having parties and the friendly people.

Currently, Yanmei is doing adult training on management and psychology.

Yuko Fukushima

Yuko finished her degree at USU in Marketing. She chose Utah State because it is safe, has Standard English and the tuition is affordable.

Yuko's favorite memories from Utah State are Homecoming, studying at the library until midnight and the nature/snow.

Now, Yuko is a product marketing manager in the auto industry.


Aerwadee Premashthira

Aerwadee gained her PhD in Economics from USU after other alumni recommended the USU Economics program to her.

Her favorite memories from USU are the experiences in academics, great advisors, beautiful campus, friends, snow and the mountains.

Aerwadee is now a lecturer at Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Taek Kang

Taek graduated with a degree in Apparel Merchandising. He chose USU because he liked the safety, natural environment, the small group of fellow Korean students, and the best snow in the world.

Aggie basketball games in the Stadium with the crazy Aggie fans is Taek's favorite memory from USU.

Taek is now working at Outdoor Sports in marketing. He is married with one daughter. His family travels to other countries, like Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, & the USA, every year.

Jet-Chau Wen

Jet-Chau graduated from USU in Civil & Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in Hydrology. He chose USU because this department is highly ranked among other Civil Engineering programs.

His favorite memories are studying in the Utah Water Lab, tubing in Summer, host families for int'l students and the trails in Logan Canyon.

Currently, Jet-Chau is a distinguished professor (2nd time) of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech). He is the only one who has earned the honor for the second time. He is the director of the Research Center at YunTech.

John De Jong

John chose USU because he had an awesome high school teacher who was USU alumni. He graduated in Dairy Science.

His favorite memories are the great friends he made from all over the USA and the beautiful Fall and Spring seasons.

Now, John is semi-retired after completing 30 years in the dairy industry in Alberta, Canada. John served as director to Alberta Nutrition Council, and the Canadian Dairy Herd Improvement. In 2016, John was elected to the Catholic School Trustee for Brooks Ward of Christ, The Redeemer School Division. He and his wife, Agnes, have been married for 37 years, have 5 children and 14 grandchildren.

Roderick Tse

Roderick chose to study Business, Liberal Arts, and Science at Utah State because his father is alumni who graduated in the 60's.

The friends that were made, cycling on campus and the mountains are Roderick's favorite memories from USU. The inspiration from the mountains and viewing Logan from the top is what he misses most.

Currently, Roderick has a family and is working full-time as a Senior Business Analyst at a financial institution.

Ross Wein

Ross graduated in Desert Microclimatology from Utah State while studying alongside his wife, who studied Human Nutrition Fellow Students in the Range Management program.

Ross has spent a career as a university researcher and lecturer in Environmental Studies. He has travelled many research sites from the tropics to the High Arctic. He retired from University of Alberta in 2006. Ross is now the president of a charity called Alberta Abilities Lodges Society, which makes opportunities for seniors and persons with disabilities to enjoy nature on their 480-acre Coyote Lake Lodge.
*pictured is Ross and his son Danny, who stimulated the development of the charity while recovering from a motorcycle accident.

He and his wife enjoyed returning to Utah to show their children where they spent more than two years of their lives.


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